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Hansi Adhesives

FasTech Adhesives, Inc.™ is very honored to have been chosen as the sole representative for Hansi Adhesive products in North America.

Hansi, a world-wide leader in adhesives for the transportation, electronics, appliance, filter and general industrial market segments has partnered with FasTech Adhesives to represent the Hansi family of adhesive in North America.

Hansi offers a broad range of adhesive chemistries that provide bonding solutions for a wide range of substrates. Hansi family of adhesives include 1 and 2 part polyurethanes, reactive polyurethane hot melts, 2 part epoxies, hot melts, 2 part epoxies, silicones and water based adhesives.

For additional information on any Hansi Adhesive or if you have a specific application questions regarding Hansi adhesives, please contact FasTech Technical Service at 312-330-0524 or complete the application form below.

Click here to go the Hansi Adhesives website 

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