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Adhesive Products

Polyurethane Adhesives

  • Moisture-curing general-purpose adhesives and sealants

  • Bonds to steel, aluminum, engineering plastics, wood, concrete, glass

  • One part non-sag, one part & two part liquids and PUR hot melts available

  • Excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

  • Fast-cure, easy to use, low cost

Industry Applications:
  • RV and conversion vehicles, truck trailers, busses

  • Plastics bonding

  • Signage

  • Construction

  • Lamination

  • Honeycomb core panels

Product Highlights
FasTech 810V

FasTech 810V is a PUR hot melt adhesive, which exhibits excellent temperature, moisture and aging resistance, with a low melt point and strong initial tack. It works exceptionally well with roll-coaters and its high-performance grade will improve efficiency by allowing fast line speeds.

For a product SDS or TDS, contact Fastech Technical Service

MMA (Methyl methacrylate)

  • Structural Adhesives for general assembly

  • Bonds to thermoplastics, thermosets, composites, foams, metal, and wood

  • Specifically formulated for nylon, e-coat, galvanized steel, rubber, engineering plastics

  • 2-component 1:1 and 10:1 mix ratios available

  • Excellent chemical resistance to water, solvents, oils

  • Fast cure, easy to use

  • No surface prep required

  • Excellent strength and impact resistance

Industry Applications:
  • Bonding metal mounting brackets to composite or plastic parts

  • High strength bonding metal to plastic (ie. ABS to aluminum)

  • High strength bonding metal to metal

  • Structural bonding to difficult to bond parts such as galvanized steel, aluminum, e-coated steel, stainless steel, ABS, FRP or other engineering plastics

Product Highlights
FasTech MMA 300

FasTech MMA 300 is a clear general purpose fast curing structural adhesive with a 1:1 mix ratio. FT MMA 300 bonds well to a wide range of substrates. FT MMA 300 exhibits excellent chemical resistance and unsurpassed shock and impact resistance. Available in 50mL or 400mL dual cartridges.

For a product SDS or TDS, contact Fastech Technical Service

MS Polymer/Hybrid Adhesives

  • Elastic Adhesives for bonding & sealing

  • Bonds to steel, aluminum, engineering plastics and glass without primer

  • Combines performance of PU & silicone w/o the pitfalls

  • Moisture-cure

  • Excellent resistance to water, solvents, oils, UV-exposure (weather), staining, temperature

  • Paintable, solvent-free, easy to use

Industry Applications:
  • Railway carriage and container manufacture

  • Transportation

  • Metal and sheet metal processing

  • Synthetics technology

  • Air conditioning

  • Ventilation and clean-room technology

Product Highlights
FasTech 817

FasTech 817 ideal for bonding a wide range of substrates to concrete and cementitious building materials.

For a product SDS or TDS, contact Fastech Technical Service

Epoxy Adhesives

  • Excellent tensile, peel and shear strength, as well as superior adhesion flexibility to a wide variety of substrates including ceramics, concrete, wood, composites, FRP and most metals, all without the use of costly primers.

  • Designed to provide exceptional bond performance to polycarbonate, acrylic, or ABS plastic, and most metals including mill finish aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Capable of withstanding most environmental variables including high chemical resistance, heat and cold, and high humidity.

Industry Applications:
  • lRV and trailer assembly

  • composite assembly

  • aluminum extrusion bonding

  • panel bonding & installation

  • specialty/ utility vehicles

  • signage

  • plastic extruders

  • general metal assembly

  • honeycomb core panel lamination

Product Highlights
FasTech N-MS15-4

FasTech N-MS15-4 is an all purpose, modified epoxy hybrid that outperformes tradditional "brittle" 2 part systems by retaining high peel strength and flexibility through a wide temperture range. It offers excellent UV resistance and has a user friendly mix ratio.

For a product SDS or TDS, contact Fastech Technical Service

Silicone Adhesives

  • Designed for extreme temperature sealing applications 

  • Cures to form an extremely durable seal that can withstand extreme heat and cold exposure while maintaining its physical properties

  • Will bond to most common building materials

Industry Applications:
  • Industrial Ovens

  • RV & Trailer Manufacturing

  • Sealing heating elements

  • Formed-in-place Gasketing

  • Industrial Manufacturing (MRO)

  • High temp gasketing

  • HVAC Applications

  • Spas/ Hot Tub manufacturing

  • Fireplace Manufacturing

  • Appliance Manufacturing

  • Sheet Metal Work and Sealing

  • General Sealing and Bonding

Product Highlights
FasTech RTV-100 HT

FasTech RTV-100 is a one part, moisture, cure high-temp 100% silicone sealant designed for extreme temperature sealing applications. RTV 100 cures to form an extremely durable seal that can withstand extreme heat and cold exposure while maintaining its physical properties.

For a product SDS or TDS, contact Fastech Technical Service

Packaging Adhesives

  • Designed for specifically for the folding carton industry

  • Used for extrusion and pot applications on various substrates

  • Bonds to the following substrates:

    • Kraft, SBS board, CCNB, treated poly extruded, recycled fiber, foil, laminated metalized film, and aqueous coated stock

Folder Gluer Applications:
  • Foldlok 11-4206: Fast tacking, extrusion grade, clean machining, easy clean adhesive for most folding carton substrates.

  • Foldlok 11-6206: Fast tacking, extrusion grade, clean machining adhesive developed for aqueous coated substrates.

  • Foldlok 11-9406: Fast taking, extrusion grade, ahesive developed for difficult to adhere substrates including poly extruded board treated to a minimum of 38 dynes-cm2

  • FasTech 40-1020: Clean machining hot melt designed to bond to aqueous coated substrates. It features aggressive hot tack and is formulated at 1500 cps/350F

Folding Carton Window Glues:
  • PresTack 11-7115: An aggressive tacking film adhesive designed for Tamarack and similar equipment. It features good machining properties and excellent adhesion to treated films.

  • PresTack 11-7922: An aggressive tacking film adhesive designed for Kohlman and similar stencil-roller equipment. It features good machining properties and excellent adhesion to treated films.

FasTech Adhesives, Inc.™ offers a variety of adhesive types including:

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